EOES 2025

European Olympiad of Experimental Science

April 26 – May 3
Zagreb, Croatia








What is EOES?

The EOES (European Olympiad of Experimental Science) is an annually recurring science olympiad for young people from the European Union, organised by a member country of EOES NPO.

More than 20 countries each send two teams of three participants. These teams have to carry out two assignments, with an emphasis on skills in the subjects biology, chemistry and physics.

In this contest, team spirit takes precedence over individual performance.

The aim of the contest

The aim of the contest is to give students the opportunity to feel like ‘real’ researchers and to measure their scientific skills against those of the other participants.

In university or high school labs they have to investigate a certain phenomenon in an interdisciplinary way through various experiments.

This phenomenon itself does not necessarily belong to the curriculum of secondary education. It often links up with ongoing scientific research.

Executive Commite

Tajana Begovic

Organisation Head

Mario Basletić

Head of the Scientific Committee

Andreja Lucic

Head of the Organizing Committee

Organizing Commite

Davor Kovačević

Branimir Bertoša

Danijel Namjesnik

Renata Horvat

Dubravka sandev

Katarina Caput Mihalić

Romana Gračan

Petra Cvjetko

Nikolina Novosel

Ivan Ivić

Ivan Martinić

Ivan Šetin

Ksenija Fučkar Reichel

Mirela Gašpar

Scientific Commite

Vesna Petrović Peroković (Department of Chemistry)

Đani Škalamera (Department of Chemistry)

Tin Klačić (Department of Chemistry)

Darko Vušak (Department of Chemistry)

Mateja Pisačić (Department of Chemistry)

Marijana Pocrnić mag. Chem. (Department of Chemistry)

Nikola Poljak (Department of Physics)

Mirela Sertić Perić (Department of Biology)

Tomislav Ivanković (Department of Biology)

Renata Matoničkin Kepčija (Department of Biology)

Croatian Biological Society

participates in the organization of the European Union Science Olympiad (EOES), which will be held in Croatia at the PMF-University of Zagreb in 2025.
EOES is a scientific competition for students up to the age of 17, which will be held in 2025 in Croatia, as a member state of the EU and EOES association (EOES NPO). Each country participates with two teams of three participants who have to solve two tasks, with an emphasis on knowledge and skills from the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics. The goal of the Olympiad is a competition that gives students the opportunity to feel like ‘real’ researchers and measure their scientific skills against those of other participants. In addition to the competitive part, EOES also has a cultural and social program that will promote Croatia among the participating countries, given that in 2025 we expect around 150 students and 80 mentors from 25 European Union countries in Zagreb.